Friday, May 22, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 46 pix: Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF E-2 Hawkeye

The Last: During Exercise Torrent VI on 30 November 2008, E-2C 014 from 111 Squadron was the aircraft to land on Lim Chu Kang Road during the air force emergency runway exercise. This particular E-2C also became the last one to ever land on a road in Singapore. Pictures below show 014 during the rehearsal the day before.
A Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Grumman E-2C Hawkeye from 111 Squadron took part in an emergency runway exercise, codenamed Torrent, for the last time in November 2008.

Hawkeye 014 is seen here during the rehearsal the day before the actual exercise emerging from Tengah Air Base (top photo). At full stretch, the airborne early warning aircraft's 24.56m (80' 7") wingspan stretches just past the width of Lim Chu Kang Road.

Among the challenges was getting the E-2C out of the air base as Tengah's gates were not wide enough for the plane to taxi out. So the aircraft, which was designed to be operated from aircraft carriers, tucked in her wings and simply taxiied out of the base on its own - which is a feature 111 SQN's Gulfstream G550 AEW do not have.

Here's E-2C 014 stretching her wings on a public road in a sight never to be seen again in Singapore.


PG said...

Hi David, where are the E2Cs now? in storage? sold off? thanks.

IAF said...

Thanks for keeping us entertained for 46 days!

nerolink7 said...

Of the 4 RSAF E-2 Hawkeye . one is on permanent display at Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum . other most likely in storage for time begin. can't just sold off to other countries . because need US goverment authorized due to US equipment & technology inside .

David Boey said...

Hi all,
Three E-2Cs reached retirement. A fourth aircraft had a wheels up landing and wasn't returned to service. One of the E-2s is visible on Google Earth in Tengah AB.

Sorry today's update on the armoured 5-tonner was posted late. Had scheduled it with Sunday's date by mistake. Lots of pix to share. I realise the print and digital photo stash of SAF assets is well past digits :)


Locust said...

If Im not wrong, Israeli CAEWs "phalcon" radar were upgraded for maritime survellance. Not sure RSAF did the same but it will certainly enhance situational awareness

lawrence ku said...

A/C 012 sustained considerable damage after the wheelsup landing but it was returned to service after 2 to 3 years of major repairs.

David Boey said...

@lawrence ku is right.

My 23 May 2020 comment that the E-2C wasn't returned to service is wrong. Repairs took 3 years. The incident instituted a "Wheels Down and Locked" double-check SOP.