Saturday, March 23, 2024

Wall Street Journal video on Singapore's defences

Yes, you might have seen a familiar face in this video.

Yes, I do look tired: The Wall Street Journal team interviewed me in January, and I had recently recovered from my second brush with COVID. Was down just after Christmas'23, cleared my ART within 5 days (compared to 11 days from my 1st COVID experience). But the breathlessness lingered and I stopped my regular 5k runs and stopped doing weights for awhile. Lost 3 kgs - which is quite a lot for an ectomorph (skinny build) - but have since regained 1kg.

Am delighted with the number of views and glad the video has given viewers, especially those in the United States, a glimpse of Singapore. Do help share with your network to nudge it past 1 million views. 😊