Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Singapore navy Endurance-class LST shows full load of landing craft

Republic of Singapore Navy tank landing ship, RSS Resolution, seen underway off the coast of Queensland, Australia, during Exercise Wallaby 2023. Of interest is the full load of fast landing craft, known as Fast Craft Equipment Personnel (FCEPs) on davits flanking Reso's superstructure. This is believed to be the first official photo showing an Endurance-class LST with its max load of FCEPs (assuming another five on the portside). Had to wait 25 years since the Endurance-class were commissioned in batches from 1998 to see this official photo of an LST with all FCEP davits filled.

With 10 FCEPs embarked and four larger Fast Craft Utility (FCU) landing craft in the LST welldock, this class of ship can land an infantry battalion plus support vehicles in a single wave. The large number of landing craft shortens exposure during the critical ship-to-shore phase of amphibious operations, thus reducing the window of vulnerability to enemy action. At time of commissioning, the Endurance-class could carry the most number of landing craft ton-for-ton compared to other LST classes. Senang Diri believes this record still stands.

There's something else that can be fitted to the LST that makes her special - a self-propelled pontoon that can be linked to form a floating platform. Maybe we wait another few years for the official photo? LOL

P.S. My book, Pukul Habis, has a fictional account of the LSTs in combat.

Pix: Ministry of Defence, Singapore

Sunday, October 1, 2023

See RSAF Republic of Singapore Air Force Super Pumas enjoying their retirement

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Super Pumas photo bombed the Singapore Army's Instagram post on Commando parachute training. Now retired, RSAF Super Puma medium-lift tactical transport helicopters appear to have had their main rotors removed and are now stored in a hangar at Sembawang Air Base. Used by the RSAF since 1985 for troop-lift and search and rescue, the Super Ps have been replaced by the more powerful Airbus Helicopters H225M.

The old Super Ps are found in a number of fight scenes in the fictional war story Pukul Habis (Total Wipeout), where they are engaged by Malaysian Army GBAD.

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