Saturday, May 23, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 47 pix: Singapore Army Add-on Armour 5 tonner

You've soft skin B-vehicles then the armoured MRAPs. In between comes the Add-on Armour (AOA) tonners. These rarely seen vehicles are used by the Guards Formation.

Run flat tyres, self-sealing fuel tanks, ballistic glass and armour plate for vulnerable areas protect the driver's cabin and troops seated in the back from small arms fire and shell fragments. Gun ports allow troops inside to return fire.


R said...

It must be an oven in there without an insulated roof, and being canvas with gaps, how would this stack up in today's combat environment and against modern munitions? Would the Renault HiGuard be a suitable replacement, or offer not much more protection?

sepecatgr1a said...

I think all SAF infantry battalions are now equipped now with Terrex for transport.

A big step forward for the foot sloggers in terms of protection, long range mobility and firepower.