Saturday, May 30, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 54 pix: Singapore Army anti-tank jeeps

Don't you miss the time when the Singapore Army's Army Open House (AOH) used to allow visitors to watch a live-firing component at Pasir Laba?

And if you're old enough, you might even remember the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) displays at West Coast Park which had a mock attack involving army, navy and air force assets as the grand finale.

Now with this COVID-19 pandemic and safe distancing, we're not sure when we will even see the next SAF exhibition at a shopping mall.

Today's selection of images shows you the Army's battalion-level anti-team weapons that were used before the Spike anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

The first two images show the Euromissile MILAN jeep, which replaced the 106mm recoilless rifle jeeps which were mounted on two platforms. The MILAN demo took place at the Army Open House 2007 (which was held in the same week that full-time National Serviceman Dave Teo ran away from camp with his SAR-21 assault rifle and bullets, but we digress).

The German-built Mercedes-Benz MB240 (above) replaced the older US-made jeep that was introduced in the late 1960s. The MB240 in this picture was displayed at AOH 2007. The 106 gun crew below served with 4 SIR in the early-1980s.


sepecatgr1a said...

The current Spike LRs and Spike SRs
give SAF infantry battalions
unprecedented anti armor

Also, hopefully, it will soon
be Spike LR2s as
older LRs are replaced.
Existing LR launchers can still work
with LR2s.

The LR2s are longer ranged than 81 mm mortars.
Its new data link feature makes it even
easier to be used as a 5.5 km sniper.
3rd party target designation enables firing
at grid coordinates with final man in the loop

LR2s can also be used on helicopters.
Range is 10 km amd tt is much lighter at about 13 kg
versus the ~50 kg Hellfire.

Doobee said...

Yup. West coast park was then known as SAF Display.

Shawn C said...

Stood near 106 during Flaming Arrow, talk about backblast.

The M151 Jeeps were worn out by the late 80s n were MT Line nightmares to maintain, not to mention dangerous to drive.

Alex Vostox said...

Can you tell us the story of Dave Teo? What actually happened?