Friday, May 8, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 32 pix: Republic of Singapore Navy RSN stealth frigate RSS Formidable

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) showed its new stealth frigate, RSS Formidable, to the public for the first time in August 2005 off Marina South.

Note that Formidable's profile in 2005, while very similar to her present form, has a noteworthy omission. Can you spot it? Hint: It's on the radar mast. See the picture and video below to compare what the ship looked like before/after the mod.

Let's see who can guess why the modification - which was subsequently adopted by foreign navies which use the Herakles radar - was made. Will update the post with the reason on Sunday afternoon.

The step up in size and capability from the 1980s era Victory-class Missile Corvette (RSS Vigour seen in the foreground) and RSS Formidable is clear from this picture. The 114m stealth frigates replaced the 45m Missile Gunboats. Will be interesting to see what eventually replaces the 62m MCVs.


Alvin said...

Something to do with upward wind and RPM? 😬🤓

nerolink7 said...

is to deflect downdraft wind when the radar is rotation . new upgrade Herakles radar mast does not rotate and with higher power for longer range detection .

Wan said...

Reduce interference when gun is firing?

AARONQFW said...

Is it to reduce RCS when viewed from near the horizon or below (e.g. sea-skimmers) when the radome rotates to a non-coplanar angle?

David Boey said...

@Alvin and @nerolink7 are on the right track.

Unknown said...

I believe e herakles radar has e problem of creating a glint effect while rotating. But RSN had managed 2 solved e problem liao. Is this it?

Locust said...

@nerolink it looks like the upgraded herakles on formidable for its mid-life upgrade will still spin. But it comes with a boosted range - >300km reported. If it doesnt spin at all,does it mean RSN has opted for the Seafire radar? Also Dr Ng mentioned enhanced air defence - more Aster 30 missiles and remove Aster 15 and replace with something that can be quad packed?

Will RSN also reveal the replacements for the harpoon missile?

Locust said...

By 2030 RSN will have:
1) 6 MCRVs ->5000 to 6000ton frigates
2) 6 upgraded Formidable frigates ->3300 to 4000 ton
3) 8 LMVs
4) 4 to 6 MSTF large patrol vessels or light frigates
5) 2 JMMS or LHDs
6) 6 submarines
7) Axulliary ships?

Locust said...

Srry David just 2 put on record info on mid life upgrade to Formidable class:

"The Navy’s Formidable-class Frigates, in operation since 2006, will also undergo a mid-life upgrade. This is to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness, particularly in anti-submarine and anti-air-defence capabilities."