Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 44 pix: Republic of Singapore Navy RSN Armoured Fast Craft Utility

At the Navy Open House in 2013, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) displayed an armoured Fast Craft Utility (FCU) waterjet propelled landing craft for the first time. The occasion is believed to be the only time such a craft was shown to the public.

The FCU was modified with the addition of an armoured crew compartment which was surrounded by spaced, bar armour grilles to protect the crew within from shaped charge munitions like RPGs. The open bridge, which previously had the coxswain standing/seated behind the control console under a tarpaulin sheet, was also up-armoured.

The armoured landing craft can be used to carry RSN personnel to inspect ships at sea and apprehend law breakers should the need arise. The procedure is called Visit, Board, Search & Seizure. It is fraught with difficulties when carried out on a restless sea and when the freeboard of tankers means VBSS teams need to climb a rope ladder 10 storeys high to board the vessel.
 Note the additional panels, believed to be composite armour, around the open bridge.

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