Thursday, May 28, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 52 pix: Singapore Armed Forces SAF assets during operations

Source: RSAF Facebook (both images)
Notice something different about these Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Super Pumas apart from the all-white United Nations livery? Yes, their Turbomeca Makila turboshafts have had exhaust diluters added to protect the helicopters from heat-seeking missiles.

You hardly ever see RSAF Super Ps flying around Singapore with these devices in peacetime.

But lo and behold, when the RSAF sent four Super Pumas on a UN operation in Cambodia in May 1993, the helicopters left Sembawang Air Base with the black exhaust shrouds attached. They are designed to dilute and direct hot efflux from the engines upwards where the rotor blades and forward movement of the helicopter would further disperse the hot exhaust.

Many Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) assets are fitted-for-but-not-with devices that appear only during operations.

The pictures below, taken at a public exhibition, show Singapore Army vehicles deployed for operations in Afghanistan. The bits and pieces added here and there should give the discerning eye some idea of the Army's efforts to protect its people during real ops.

We are willing to bet that SAF vehicles that will appear at the National Day Parade 2020 Mobile Column will be nice, clean and "naked". In other words, without the add-ons and interesting gear.

To recycle an old joke, if you see RSAF Super Ps flying over Singapore with exhaust diluters, MID vehicles with lumps and bumps attached and the Navy's LSTs fully loaded with FCEPs and the pontoons, it's time to clear the junk from your bomb shelter and stock up on toilet rolls!

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J Tjahjadi said...
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J Tjahjadi said...

Any idea if the Super Ps flew from SAB to Cambodia on their own power, perhaps with refueling stops?

don Duan said...

What the heck were you talking about?

J Tjahjadi said...
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David Boey said...

Hi Josh,
I think the Super Ps flew to Cambodia in several hops.

They made it to Phuket during the tsunami relief operation in December 2004 on their own too.


Jinn said...

Someone ITK care to comment what are those upside down broken umbrella aerials for?

Anyone know if we are replacing ALL SPuma and Cougars or keeping some (like the 524s?)

For that matter CH47D/SD are we retaining them with newer F model added or are they going on sale?

Alex B said...

IED Jammer antenna