Sunday, May 10, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 34 pix: GIAT Industries LG1 105mm light gun

I've always found the Singapore Artillery's 105mm light guns acquired under Project F a promising yet short-lived purchase.

The French-made GIAT Industries LG1 105mm light guns were introduced at a time when air mobility was a popular concept among armies worldwide. Light guns bridged the gap between 120mm heavy mortars and 155mm gun/howitzers that could not be airlifted by Super Puma-class helicopters.

Strangely, the Singapore Artillery's LG1s didn't last long. All have been retired. Note the long barrelled 52-cal FH-2000 155mm gun howitzer behind the LG1.


totoro said...

Will you also write about the M-114 Howitzer. Thanks.

Unknown said...

For a while they were upgraded to LG2 but with e pegasus entering service they were withdrawn from service & kept in storage. Hear tat they had being sold off or some1 interested in buying

Unknown said...

A beautiful piece to fire!