Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 50 pix: Simulated enemy vehicle

Here's a Singapore Army Land Rover Defender pretending it's fiercer and deadlier than it actually is.

The Land Rover carries a frame that changes its profile to that of a tracked vehicle with a "turret". Doesn't look like anything we've seen in AFV recognition books.

Such vehicles inject realism to the Army's two-sided encounters, especially when the Land Rover is "armed" with a tactical engagement system that allows it to return fire. Approach with care during a FTX!

26 May 2020 edit: The first image is more than 10 years old. The Singapore Army's Army Training Evaluation Centre (ATEC) has evolved quite abit since then. In April 2019, ATEC crossed a significant milestone after it evaluated its 300th unit. Here's a more recent 2019 image of ATEC OPFOR. Pioneer feature story, High Combat Readiness. Click here
Source: PIONEER magazine

On a side note: We're now into the 50th day of the circuit breaker! Looks like CB measures will be lifted in phases but the life we all knew in 2019 won't come back anytime soon.

Focus on the positives and take things one step at a time.


D-Boy said...

Thanks for entertaining us for the last 50 days! The Defender looks like its trying to be a BMP-1. Haha...

Unknown said...

Hi David, I was from the “Aggressor” unit during my NS days and it was anything but realistic then. We went through many ATECs to know that some things are not want it seems from the outside. If this is a recent picture then nothing much would have changed. What are your thoughts on having a free play OPFOR that utilises every tactic on the play book (Must be updated of course like what the Russians are doing in Syria)?

CK said...

We took care of these "babies" in a particular camp in the west. It wasn't easy to mount the frame. Drivers also had to take extra as the vehicle dimensions are much larger.

Trivia - We experimented with mounting large speakers to simulate the sounds of an armour vehicle too. The drivers are also not from MT line, but organic to the unit.

sepecatgr1a said...

Hope that SAF has capability of deploying decoy assets (physical & electronic ) during times of war to lure an enemy to expend ordnance on dummy targets in the manner of WW2's Operation Fortitude in preparation of the Normandy landings.