Saturday, May 9, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 33 pix: Bionix Infantry Fighting Vehicle

This is a Singapore Army Bionix 25 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

No it isn't. Look closely. It was one of the exhibits at a Singapore Army Open House years ago.

If you're flying an A2G profile skimming the treetops at 300 knots while dodging RBS-70s and ground fire, you're unlikely to pick out this vehicle. But ground observers with the proper optics, a clear line of sight and some training should be able to do so without difficulty. If you know what to look for, you can't unsee it.


snowfox said...

Apart for the missing MG and Sight on the top of the turret.

There is no Coxial gun opening.

The Gun looks off. There is a tiny protrusion on the gun.

ychwee said...

There isn't any ejection chute for the 25mm cartridges

snowfox said...

Thank you.

That protrusion is used to "screw" the barrel (boomstick) in place. Brilliant Engineering, (no flinky headspace, or complex screw threads).

For C2? so sad.

Unknown said...

Is tat some command post in e rear? Bionix command variant? As above mentioned e gun look off. Maybe there is no gun

Gary said...

Sidetrack a bit. When I was in an armour unit in the mid 80s, we were evaluating a German or Swedish wheeled APC which our northern neighbour was using. Always thought our current APCs are kinda based on that design. Very little known project at that time. Condor project.

Mr Tea said...

its a command variant