Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NDP 2010 Mobile Column: Best wishes from ST Engineering

To All NDP 2010 Mobile Column participants,
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) is delighted that many examples of our defence equipment and solutions will form part of the NDP 2010 Mobile Column.

We are indeed proud that some of our weapon platforms such as the Bionix 2, Terrex infantry fighting vehicle, Trailblazer mine-clearing vehicle, Bronco, Primus and Pegasus will be participating in the NDP 2010 Mobile Column.

ST Engineering partners with the Singapore Armed Forces to support its specific operational requirements. Our close collaboration often results in the design and development of world class weapon platforms and systems that are market leaders. We are happy to have grown in tandem with Singapore, in ensuring national security.

I wish the Mobile Column participants as well as all other participants success with the show.

I am certain that all my ST Engineering colleagues, particularly those who have contributed to the products and solutions, will look forward to your showcase and performance on 9 August 2010.

Have a Great NDP 2010!

Tan Pheng Hock
President & Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd


Anonymous said...

What cam are u using for this?

David Boey said...

I use a Canon Powershot S15, 8 mega pixels. Bought it in 2007 because of its 12x zoom. :)

Anonymous said...

thank u. Well done. veddy veddy good shots!!!! more on malaysia please.

Anonymous said...

it'll be interesting to know what foreign observers do during such events.
do intel people all gather to take close up photos for evaluation back home?