Thursday, July 29, 2010

NDP 2010 Mobile Column: Best wishes from Bok Seng Logistics

"Bok Seng Logistics is proud to support the National Day Parade 2010.

In the run-up to our nation's 45th birthday celebrations, Bok Seng has played an active role in transporting Mobile Column vehicles for the NDP rehearsals. Our involvement in NDP 2010 stretches back to the earlier rehearsals at Tuas.

Many of these logistics operations take place at night or very early in the morning. We have worked closely with the Singapore Armed Forces to ensure safe and desired deliveries to required destinations.

Week after week, we've been heartened by the steady progress Mobile Column participants have made in their vehicle alignment, timing and showmanship.

We wish them all the best for NDP 2010.

I'm sure Bok Seng Logistics’ staff and their families will look forward to their display at NDP 2010, knowing that we played a humble part in making it happen.

Have a successful NDP 2010 show."

Dave Ng
Executive Director
Bok Seng Logistics

"Once again, Bok Seng Logistics is proud to be a steadfast partner in support of the National Day Parade.
Every four to five years, the parade is held at the Padang. Without fail, there is great excitement and expectation in anticipation of this coming parade. This feeling of high expectation and excitement could only be quenched and fulfilled by an equally impressive show of might and precision by our Mobile Column backed by her skilled and disciplined personnel manning them.

My daughter, Debbie Tan is 11 years old. After viewing NE 1, she remarked that the 'Mobile Column was impressive'.

So guys press on, do your part! It’s your show and help make all Singaporeans proud, because it’s our National Day.

Cheers! And Have A Happy National Day!”

Richard Tan
Assistant General Manager
Bok Seng Logistics Pte Ltd


Anonymous said...

civilian transportation? where's the army heavy duty carier truck?

140SQN said...
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140SQN said...

Why not? These Civil Resource Owners(CRO) are part of the vital Total Defense framework.

P/S: sorry for the double posting. Post deleted.