Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Malaysian firepower demo: China Press stories

Malaysia's China Press published two stories from the 22 July 2010 firepower demonstration at Kem Gemas.

The full page article on 27 July 2010 shows the air and land elements that pounded the target area. Interesting to see how the Su-30MKM was turned into a bomb truck.

Please click on the images to see the pictures in hi res.

Many thanks to my friend in Malaysia for this contribution. Gagah Setia!


Beagle said...

Article said ASTROS was based in Camp Gemas? The 1st 18 is based in Perak and 2nd 18 in Negeri Sembilan

Beagle said...

Live firing of TDM ASTROS here


Anonymous said...

we need like u to monitor these folks up north.

Anonymous said...

we also need him to monitor the folks down south