Friday, July 2, 2010

NDP 2010: The Velites

The Velites were light infantry who fought alongside Roman legions thousands of years ago.

These combatants came to mind when I saw the Guard-of-Honour (GOH) contingents march towards the Padang for CR2 last Saturday.

Here are Commandos from the 1st Commando Battalion marching in step.

As the Commandos filed by, they were followed closely by another bunch of assorted auxiliaries or skirmishers...

... known during Roman times as the Velites.

I don't know their role but I'm guessing this is the fatigue party tasked to pick up blank cartridges after the feu-de-joie (fire of joy). If that's the case, can't they make their own way to the Padang rather than tailing the smartly-attired GOH contingents?

The Velites are the last GOH "contingent" spectators see and their riff raff appearance detracts from the pomp and ceremony and the air of formality that the leading GOH contingents radiate.  


Anonymous said...

Roman auxiliaries can be regular infantry, cavalry or velites.

Anonymous said...

Hi will there a CR today ? When is it the best time to catch the mobile column outside Raffles City ?

Thanks !

David Boey said...

re: Roman auxiliaries. You're right. Was referring to the Velites who fought in loose order in front of the shield wall.

CRs will continue throughout July'10. The best time to catch the Mobile Column is right after the 1300H road closure when the vehicles will make a first run down Nicoll Highway. The light is much better for photographs.

The Mobile Column will head back to their FUP and return later in the afternoon around 1600H.

Anonymous said...

Tango Yankee for the info on the best time to catch the mobile column !

Anonymous said...

HIMARS no longer part of this year's column?

Anonymous said...

Yup, HIMARS will not be at this year Mobile Column.

Anonymous said...

No HIMARS, damn.