Friday, October 9, 2009

My Landy

A number of you have wondered what my Land Rover looks like after reading the earlier post on training safety. Here she is.

I bought her in 1998 and have done quite abit to get her to look the way she does today.

I've a drawer plan for emergencies that would see her receive several modifications over a span of three weeks. These include wire mesh screens for all the glass as well as ballistic panels and other add-ons that would make her non-LTA compliant. : )

Please don't run me off the road when you see me or scratch her paintwork.

[For foreign readers, the LTA or Land Transport Authority is the national authority on transportation issues]

1 comment:

goat89 said...

HAHAHAHA! >< Shocking red paintwork FTW! Reminds me of the riot control buses. ><