Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blue on Blue: Part 3

Going Global

I had the pleasure of meeting American war correspondent, Mr Michael Yon, during his stopover in Singapore today.

A war correspondent of rare pedigree. Check out his blog here.

We talked over lunch on the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and defence information management issues and challenges. Before we parted company, I got him to sign his latest book, Moment Of Truth In Iraq, which I bought from a month back. See reviews of the book here.

Will update this posting later.

Michael, thanks for reading my earlier Blue on Blue post. Yes, I know the experience...

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goat89 said...

:O Michael Yon???? I have been readings his blogs prior to his 'kick out' from 2 Rifles! (Damn MOD ><) Am glad you met him Mr Boey!