Friday, April 24, 2020

Help with identifying RSN officer, RSS Excellence L202, August 1986

Any idea who this Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) officer is? The photo was taken on the morning of Sunday 10 August 1986. There can't be that many Singhs in the Navy who were onboard RSS Excellence L202 for the National Day Carnival 1986. I've always wondered who he is. At the time I felt he "spoiled" the picture as I wanted the LST with nobody in the frame. But I grew to appreciate the unknown officer because he gives a sense of scale to those huge bow doors.


Unknown said...

LTA Baljeet Singh.
Not Chopra

David Boey said...

Opinions split on the officer's identity.

Some say he is Amarjit (member of the RSN organising committee for the National Day Carnival 1986), some say he is Baljeet (RSS Excellence officer) =)

Well, at least it's narrowed down to two candidates. Many thanks to all who helped!

Kawal Pal Singh Khalsa said...

That is my father, Amarjit Singh. Last rank CPT 2