Saturday, May 4, 2024

Pukul Habis print edition sold out at Books Kinokuniya in Malaysia and Singapore

Total sellout: Mohd Rozairi bin Marwan and Kelvin, from the Books Kinokuniya logistics team at the Ngee Ann City branch, were instrumental in keeping the shelves restocked with my first novel, Pukul Habis. Kino took a bet on the self-published title from a new author. The bookstore bought every copy printed in Singapore. The title is now sold out.

So this is a happy problem: The first edition of Pukul Habis, printed in Singapore by Times Printers, has sold out at Books Kinokuniya in Malaysia and Singapore. That first edition printed in Singapore is now a collectible because you won't find it at Kino anymore. 

For now, am looking at a reprint but nothing immediate. 

I have two prominent individuals who like the story and understand the deeper meaning and symbolism embedded in the plot. Both have kindly written to me, and I have their permission to use their letters as Forewords to the second edition.

My thanks to the Books Kinokuniya crew. Early last year, the Kino team encouraged me to print locally as the bookstore had received many enquiries about the book soon after it was launched on Amazon. Thank you Mohd Rozairi bin Marwan and Kelvin from the Kinokuniya logistics team for helping me along during those replenishment runs. I also extend my deepest appreciation to the Kino crew - Alethea, Najib, Kenny Chan and many others - for their guidance and support as I had never self-published before. Learned so much about the book trade. : )

Do stay tuned for details. Thanks to all who supported the first print run!


Books Kinokuniya branches in Singapore and Malaysia have sold out all their copies of Pukul Habis (ISBN 9789811861499). 

The book is still available from Amazon. Please check Amazon sites for your location. "Look Inside" function on some sites shows sample pages.



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