Saturday, January 21, 2023

A message on Pukul Habis from David Boey

I am heartened to know that a small and growing number of readers have realised that there's more to the Pukul Habis story than first impressions might convey.

A number of people who know me well, or those who followed this blog over the years, asked: There must be a deeper meaning to what you've written?

Yes, indeed. There are Easter eggs and metaphors that people may find. I love Greek myths and legends, and especially like the approach taken by ancient authors who wrote stories with hidden meanings and messages.

Many have already found them on their own, without any hints or prompting from me. No, it's not the warnings against complacency or hubris. No, it's not the suggestions about Iron Dome.

Not all are obscure: I put some in plain sight - in the chapter titles... IYKYK

The Dedication to my daughters on page v is the first clue that there's something more. It reads: "May you one day learn what this book is all about."

I commend the perspicacity of readers who have gone above and beyond the obvious. Over time, as words gets around, more will learn and, hopefully, gain a deeper appreciation of what was intended.

To those celebrating the Lunar New Year, I send you my wishes for a happy, safe, healthy and bountiful year ahead for you and all your loved ones.

To everyone else: Have a safe and restful weekend!

11 March 2023 update: Books Kinokuniya in Singapore has stocked Pukul Habis. Please visit its main store in Ngee Ann City or Bugis Junction, or check the Kinokuniya online store here. The title should be available via Kinokuniya Malaysia soon. Please enquire with the KL store.

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