Thursday, April 30, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 24 pix: Singapore Army AMX-10P and AMX-10 PAC 90 amphibious AFVs

While the AMX-13 light tanks served the Singapore Army for more than 30 years, its modern stable mate from the same AMX tank factory in Roanne, France, had a much shorter service life.

Here're pictures of the AMX-10 PAC 90 tank destroyer (above) and AMX-10P 25 infantry fighting vehicle (last pix below) at the National Day Carnival at Marina South in the year 2000. The AMX-10s were acquired under Project S.

There are few pictures of Singapore Army AMX-10s in official Singapore Armed Forces publications like Pioneer magazine. Before NDP 2000, the AMX-10s were last seen in public at the Army Open House in 1997, which was the year the Bionix was unveiled. I believe the AMX-10s were shown to the public for the first time at AOH 97.
AMX-10 PAC 90 rigged from swimming. Note the raised screens over the engine deck, which are not fitted in the first AMX-10 PAC 90 image. This vehicle was displayed aboard RSS Persistence during the National Day Carnival 2000.

AMX-10P 25 with a one-person Dragar turret armed with a 25mm cannon. Note the additional pintle mounted GPMG on the rear deck.


totoro said...

What was the operation status of these machines.

David Boey said...

The AMX-10s were retired after a relatively short service history compared to the AMX-13s and M-113s.

Shawn C said...

Heya David,

Thought I read somewhere that the AMX-10PACs were retired early as they had issues with vibrations when firing the 90mm.

Interesting that at one time they were highly visible in amphibious ops and linked to the 'marine' Guards Division, then just disappeared without a whisper. I assume that after they were retired there's replacements somewhere.

Oh! Speaking of which - since Army went Leopard 2, what happened to all the old LCTs? Recall seeing them during coastal hook exercises delivering AMX-13s.

David Boey said...

@Shawn C,
LCTs as in Ramp Powered Lighters (RPLs)? The RPLs are no long active.

Foo Mun said...

Looks like the Hunter got its inspiration from the AMX-10

Clifford said...

Heard that they have overheating issue when long operation at the dried land.

grid01 said...

Watch this video and you probably find some resemble..I guess there was purpose of buying this tank about 10 years ago