Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Royal Malaysian Navy Multi-Role Support Ship MRSS design due to be announced at Defence Services Asia 2018

The Malaysian Armed Forces has called a press conference tomorrow to announce "an MOU". Senang Diri understands that it has something to do with the Royal Malaysian Navy's Multi-Role Support Ship (MRSS) project that will replace the ageing KD Indera Sakti (1503) and KD Mahawangsa (1504).

The MOU will pave the way for one of three contenders (above) to receive a Letter of Intent that will bring the MRSS project to the next phase.

And just when you thought Day 3 of the four-day DSA event would see things winding down, a second armament-related media event tomorrow is for the supply of Nexter LG1 105mm light guns to the Malaysian Army.(Note: The Singapore Artillery retired its Giat LG1 light guns years ago as it standardised its tubes to 155mm. Pros and cons of this move could easily sustain several blog posts...)

Stay tuned for more.

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