Monday, April 16, 2018

Guide to Malaysian Army Formation patches & badges seen at Defence Services Asia DSA 2018


The badges of 14 Malaysian Army formations take pride of place at the Malaysian Army pavilion at the Defence Services Asia 2018 arms show. These badges form a popular backdrop for DSA visitors looking for a photocall with Tentera Darat warfighters equipped with the Future Soldier System.

Arranged in three rows in order of seniority, each badge design has an animal motif placed centrally on a shield outline. A three-digit numeric code is placed below the animal, which is typically of a species native to Malaysia. These include creatures such as the hornbill, eagle and elephant.

Here's the Senang Diri guide to the 14 numeric codes for Malaysian Army formations, arranged in order of seniority:
500: Field Army Headquarters
600: Western Field Command (i.e. Peninsular Malaysia). 600-series units indicate those operating in West Malaysia.
700: Eastern Field Command (i.e. Sabah and Sarawak). 700-series units indicate those operating in East Malaysia.
800: Training & Logistics Command
900: Logistics
701: 1 Division
601: 2 Division
602: 3 Division
603: 4 Division
702: 5 Division
617: 10 Brigade (Para)
641: Grup Gerak Khas (i.e. Special Services Group, sometimes referred to as Rejimen Gerak Khas)
360: Rejimen 881 Pasukan Udara Tentera Darat
361: Rejimen 882 Pasukan Udara Tentera Darat

Interestingly, the out-of-series 617 designation for Tentera Darat's elite 10th Briged (Para) carries the same numerals as Britain's crack WW2 bomber unit, Number 617 Squadron, better known as the Dambusters.

Badges in black embroidery on a green backing are worn on the Number 5 camouflage uniforms.

The reader should note that the tactical formation signs are not worn on other Malaysian Army uniforms, for example, the Bush Jacket. In the latter case, personnel from 3 Divisyen would, for instance, continue wearing their 3 Div patches instead of the "602" one.


So are we.

But the Malaysian Army isn't the only one that refers to army units by different names. There's another south of the Causeway that does so too....

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