Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle expected to debut at Singapore Army Open House along with new ARV

The Singapore Army is expected to unveil a new tracked vehicle at this weekend's Army Open House 2017 (AOH 2017), a free event that will be opened to the public this weekend at the F1 Pit Building.

At a sneak preview this afternoon, one vehicle in the lineup of "performers" for the Dynamic Defence Display segment - a kind of soft introduction to some of the Army's vehicles and mobility demo - remained covered by a green tarpaulin.

The vehicle is all tracked and appears to conform to the profile of the Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle first seen last year.

We won't spill the beans so do come back to this site in the next few days for more.

On a less speculative note, one of the Next Generation AFV's stablemates goes on show at AOH 2017. The vehicle is the Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) variant of the new, yet-to-be-named AFV family that was designed and built in Singapore by Singapore Technologies Kinetics.

Like the cannon-armed Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant, the ARV has an all-round camera function. This allows its crew of three armoured engineers to carry out recovery operations from within the vehicle under full armour protection with hatches closed.

Specifications are sparse. The new ARV is said to be 6.9 metres in length and is fitted with a front-oriented winch with a 25,000 kg capacity. The vehicle is so new it did not appear to have a MID numberplate.

For more on AOH 2017, do visit the Singapore Army's Facebook page:

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Wandi wismangan said...

Yet to be name? Isn't the new gen AFV meant to replace the Ultra called tomahawk?

Locust said...

Tomahawk - new multi mission 105mm/120mn cannon afv or medium tank based on the afv or just the afv? :)

Kenneth Kwok said...

I would actually like to name it Tempest

Kenneth Kwok said...

I only just came across this. STK had exhibited a model a Mobile Protected Firepower platform based on the NG-AFV in March at the 2017 AUSA Global Force Symposium & Exposition.

It is carrying a COCKERILL 3000 turret, which is a manned turret capable of accommodating a 105mm gun.


Wandi wismangan said...

My understanding base on a Australian magazine is that the NG-AFV is called Tomahawk