Tuesday, May 23, 2017

See the Very Slender Vessel from the Singapore Armed Forces SAF Commandos at Army Open House 2017

You won't find many Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) war machines with a sexier name than "Very Slender Vessel".

With its sleek profile and enclosed, aircraft-style pilot house, the VSV looks fast even when sitting on dry land.

This VSV, which flew a Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) ensign from its staff, is believed to be operated by the SAF Commando unit at Hendon Camp in Changi.

The SAF describes the VSV as a "fast interdiction craft that is designed to punch straight through waves, rather than going over or through the top of them".

Measuring 16m long and with a width just 2.4m wide - less than three M-16 rifles end-to-end - the VSV could quite possibly be employed for high-speed runs to insert/extract Commando teams from contested shores, usually under cover of darkness.

Armament fitted to the VSV seen at the sneak preview of the Army Open House 2017 comprised a CIS40AGL 40mm automatic grenade launcher and a 7.62mm GPMG.

It's best defence, however, is speed.

The VSV is thought to originate from British shipbuilder, VT Halmatic Marine. This company traces its roots to Vosper Thorneycroft, whose motor torpedo boats were well-known for their speed and hitting power.

According to the AOH 2017 info board, the wave-piercing craft is capable of "more than 40 knots". This seems a rather modest way to state the VSV's published speed of around 60 knots.

The SAF has operated VSVs for more than 10 years.

The vessel's debut at this weekend's Army Open House 2017 is believed to have been made possible with the arrival of more advanced means of executing "fast interdiction", with such assets still kept under wraps.

Catch the VSV at the Singapore Army's Open House 2017 this weekend.
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R said...

Aren't they supposed to skirt up the hull to prevent photography?

Kenneth Kwok said...

I guess it is already on its way out so they don't care