Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exercise Torrent: Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF Alternate Runway Exercise Airbase Civil Engineering Squadron

Aptly named the FOD Killer, this is a road sweeper designed to suck debris that could cause foreign object damage (FOD) to Republic of Singapore Air Force assets.

The Operations Support Flight (OSF) of 505 Squadron, which is the Airbase Civil Engineering Squadron at Tengah Air Base, operates the single-seat vehicle, known as the FMC Vanguard V7000 FOD Killer.

The FOD Killer doesn't just give large paved areas a good suck. It has a magnetised hood mounted in front of the vehicle that can pick up metal objects like nuts and bolts from runways, taxiways and aircraft aprons.

The use of Lim Chu Kang Road as an alternate runway is made possible by the tireless efforts of personnel from 505 SQN, whose OSF FOD Killers make umpteen trips up and down the 2,500m long road to remove FOD hazards before warplanes are allowed onto the alternate runway.

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