Monday, October 31, 2016

Exercise Torrent preview: Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF sound blaster reduces bird strike hazard

Think your car's sound system is powerful?

Here's a Tengah Air Base (TAB) vehicle with a sound system that will wake up the neighbourhood.

Photographed during Exercise Torrent V in November 2002, this modified twin cab pick-up was seen driving up and down Lim Chu Kang Road before flying commenced on the road. The 2,500m long, 24m wide six-lane carriageway had been turned into an Alternate Runway by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Blaring distress calls made by local birds repeatedly, the vehicle was one of the safety measures implemented by the RSAF to reduce the possibility of bird strikes by its warplanes. The distress calls cleared the area of birds, keeping our avian friends a safe distance away from the Alternate Runway until it was safe for their return later in the day.

While take-offs and landings by RSAF warplanes from the improvised airstrip make for great TV and newspaper stories, such flying - safely and professionally executed - is enabled by low-profile TAB units such as the Airbase Civil Engineering Squadron and Control Squadron.

Out-of-base activity outside the TAB fence line is also supported by Air Base Sustainment squadrons such as 205 SQN, 505 SQN, 605 SQN and 705 SQN and Air Force maintenance squadrons.

They will swing into action soon in a major out-of-base deployment codenamed Exercise Torrent VII. Stay tuned for more!

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