Sunday, February 16, 2014

Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) sea security team displays seldom-seen firearms

Interesting choice of firearms brandished by this pair of Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) personnel at yesterday's Total Defence Day exhibition at the National Museum in Singapore. The sailor in the pixelised camouflage carries a Heckler & Koch MP-5K Personal Defence Weapon while the one in the fire retardant nomex suit is armed with a H&K 416 assault rifle (correct?).

The exhibition, which is free, ends on 23 February 2014.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, I believe the HK MP5 and MP5K have been in service with the RSN for quite a while, as is the HK 416. These were displayed by the NDU during last year's Navy display at VivoCity.

- K

Anonymous said...


Does not look like a HK416.
Looks more like a FN SCAR

Anonymous said...

It's a 416.

Seb said...

Am sure it's the HK 416 11" A5 series.

Anonymous said...

The red markings for Safe Single Auto on the rifle indicate that it is a HK.

But the buttstock does not look like it is from HK. An aftermarket buttstock ?

Also lets one wonder why they dont use ST products.
Of course personnaly I wud go for an HK if I had a choice.

Sss said...

Likely because the 416 is well known for it's salt-water corrosion resistance and versatility:

Anonymous said...

sorry but they look a bit comical... help.

Zi'Ang.C said...

the MP5K and HK416 are modified, with the possible modifications listed below:

1. UMP folding stock instead of the sliding collapsible stock.
2. RIS (possible frm Knights Armament Company) replacing the standard flat hanguard.
3. Rail covers mounted on the 3 and 9 o'clock rails, whilst a foregrip is attached on the 6 o'clock rail.

1. 10.5" barrel (D10RS) variant
2. 3 and 9 o'clock rail systems attached with rail covers
3. buttstock seems to be of 2nd-generation HK design rather than 1st generation found in M27 IAR and other HK416s


SipehKilat said...

Is the guy on the right katek Ayam or the guy on the left extra super tua chjiat?

Why cannot standardize size, uniform or rifle ah?

David Boey said...

Dear SipehKilat,
The Star Wars universe has a clone army. The real world doesn't.

Our SAF servicemen and servicewomen come in all shapes, sizes and personalities but they share the same unbridled determination in achieving mission success.

The sailor happens to be of above average height.

Best regards,


PakChiewCheng said...

Sure or not same underbridle determine?

I thought Navy more slack leh?

PakChiewCheng said...

And why cannot use SAR21?

Why so special one? Must use Ang Mor rifle?

Sipeh wayang leh.