Friday, February 7, 2014

Poly project: Save Our Children campaign


Am helping to publicise a Final Year Project for Republic Polytechnic (RP) School of Technology for the Arts students. The Facebook page they created aims to promote awareness of child labour in the region. Do visit their Facebook page here for more and help "Like" the page. Full infographic here.

The final year students are pursuing the Diploma in New Media at RP.

Over the years, many students have helped this blog understand social media more comprehensively. Am happy to pay it back.

And to the IT industry professionals who have assisted in various ways, thank you. You are our invaluable Help Desk.


Anonymous said...

Why don't we take care of our own first....



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7 Feb 2014 - 6:34pm.

My sister has been suffering from severe depression and mental illness for many years (similar to Canton singer, Leslie Cheung's case) and is undrgoing treatment at IMH. Last month, due to depression, as she wasn't able to wake up from bed, she missed her doctor appointment. After Chinese New Year, given her hectic work schedules, her depression got worsen. She is not able to sleep at night and is always feeling down and hopeless in her life. As her sister, I decided to bring her to IMH today, hoping to seek immediate treatment for my sister, lest that she may resort to suicide attempt again.

We arrived IMH at 3.30 pm, after 1 hour drive from her home. At the reception, a nurse told us that without an appointment, they would have to assign a duty doctor to see my sister. We aited until nearly 5 pm, then my sister was called in to see Dr. Xiao Jun, whom I believe is from China. In less than 5 minutes, my sister came out of Dr. Xiao's room. I was bewildered as that was so quick, so I asked her if Dr. Xiao had examined her or gave her any advice. My sister told me that Dr. Xiao simply asked her to come another day to see the usual doctor who had treated her in the past, and also prescribed exactly the same medicine she had taken.

When we went to the reception to try to make an appointment for my sister, we were told that the doctor who had treated her previously, had been transferred to another hospital! And we were told that at IMH, it is a usual practice for doctors to be transferred from one hospital to another, after a 6 month rotation. It appears like my sister is like a football being kicked from one side of the field to another, when she is currently at the verge of burning out! I was even more frustrated when she received bill from the cashier, the 3-min doctor consultation by Dr. Xiao, a PRC Chinese, costs my sister $43.71!

Wow, a 3 mins treatment, or I don't even call that a treatment, costs $43.71!

That is a reap off! I wonder why IMH has to hire doctors from China, instead of offering employment opportunities to our local Singaporeans? And I wonder also if PRC Chinese doctors are qualified as it seems the way she treated my sister, is outrageously without any compassion, let alone professional at all.

If my sister, during the course of waiting for the next doctor's appointment, something happens to her, could I hold IMH liable for the consequence?


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and with our "pressure cooker" education system...most of our students and workers will end like the above

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Hey, why did the students put Israel (excluding Palestinian Territories) on the list of countries with child soldiers?

Can't be conscription. If so, Singapore should be on it. We have to register for NS at 16 and a half, and serve NS at 18, or earlier if not pursuing higher education.