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Republic of Singapore Navy Open House 2013: 18 to 19 May 2013, Changi Naval Base

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) stealth frigate RSS Intrepid goes on show this weekend to drum up awareness for the Navy Open House 2013. This blog had previously alluded to the visit in this post, click here

While her visit to VivoCity has proceeded as forecast, more public relations (PR) mileage could be won from this event as there is almost no visible indication of the forthcoming Navy Open House (NOH).

Is Navy@Vivo the key PR message or is this event a platform for the bigger intent of telling people about the Navy Open House? One could say the latter holds more weight.

An A3 poster, which can be easily done on a laptop and printed out, could indicate to passers-by that the Intrepid's visit to the shopping mall's promenade is a prelude to more exciting things that people can see and experience at the Navy Open House. This should be done quickly as visitors to the area tend to spike on weekends, more so today and Sunday as this is the first weekend of Singapore's March school vacation.

Almost all 7,000 tickets for free tours to the 114-metre long warship - the first stealth frigate made in Singapore - have been given out. But defence buffs can still use the Intepid's port call at the promenade at VivoCity shopping mall to take their cameras for a walk.

Having been in the hospitality business for the past five years, I would humbly suggest that a hotspot Intrepid should look out for is the crowd size. Having personnel stationed at fixed locations is good, provided the visitors cooperate by moving at a steady clip. Many will not. They will take their own sweet time gawking and snapping pictures and choke up narrow corridors and steep ladders. A better solution to keep the crowd line moving may be to group visitors in batches of 15 with one mobile guide accompanying the group from one station to another. You will need a despatcher at the shoreside to push off the next group the moment the first station (helo deck) is ready to take the fresh group of visitors.

Simple math will tell you the number of hours needed to push through all 7,000 pax through the ship, assuming the throughput of xx visitors per hour. This visit is a happy occasion for the RSN, so help visitors leave with a positive impression of the Navy and make them want to visit the Navy Open House by smoothing out potential kinks that could spoil their day.

Another safety hazard is the promenade itself. It is far from the main road and the last thing people expect when they are giving the warship a once over is to be hit by a blooming train (!).

Things to see
Don't miss the exhibition in the shopping mall on Level 1 which has pictures of RSN operations overseas and a selection of NDU firearms. Again, more prominent signage could indicate the upcoming NOH'13.

If you go before noon, the sun will be in the right direction for pictures taken from the Sentosa Boardwalk or from across the water at Resorts World Sentosa's seafront promenade.

Pirate busting mission
The Intrepid, which completed a 102-day counter-piracy operation in the Gulf of Aden, will display additions and alterations made to tailor the warship for its three-month long pirate busting mission codenamed Operation Blue Sapphire Maritime OBS(M).

Many of these mods are visible even without stepping aboard the vessel. A good vantage point is the roof deck on Levels 2 and 3 of VivoCity.

Changes made locally include modifying the missile deck amidships to take a pair of RSN Naval Diving Unit (NDU) rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) and a 7,000-kg capacity crane which was used to launch and recover the RHIBs during in the area of operations. The NDU craft were lowered onto the water from the starboard side of the crane via the crane's extended boom.

The tradeoff for this was the loss of missile launching stations on the starboard side of the frigate. However, the Intrepid kept her port side Harpoon missile tubes, with two missiles flanking each side of the collapsible crane.

Inside the ship,  health and recreation facilities were upsized to accommodate the ship's company, an air group for her S-70B Seahawk naval helicopter and warfighters from the navy's crack diving unit who performed VBSS duties in the Gulf of Aden.

Washing machines for the crew to do their laundry, additional triple decker sleeping berths and even the dining schedules in the ship's mess were items that the OBS(M) project team looked at before the warship set sail on 4 September 2012 with 145 Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel on board. This was more than twice her normal peacetime complement of 70 personnel.

Pre-departure modifications include the addition of composite armour plates to the RHIB's forward gun mount and control console as well as acoustic warning devices on either side aft of the enclosed, NBC-protected bridge. The armour panels, supplied by a European company, provide some measure of protection from small arms fire coming from dead ahead of the RHIB.

A pair of Typhoon guns with stealth features were fitted atop the hangar to address small boat threats.

Two RSN stealth frigates - Intrepid and Tenacious - have been modified to Blue Sapphire standard.

If you miss this opportunity to see the Intrepid at VivoCity, make time to see more of Fleet RSN at the Navy Open House 2013. This event, which is free, will take place from 18 to 19 May this year at Changi Naval Base (CNB).

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MdmFannieTan said...

Got gift shop on board or not?

Anonymous said...

An MIT professor is questioning whether Iron Dome is as accurate as claimed:

David Boey said...

Have read the link in your 5:01 AM.

What is undeniable is the reduced impacts in targeted areas.

While it is naive to expect IDF to release operational data concerning ID, one hopes that customers can be granted some leeway in getting answers they need.

Best regards,


Joe said...

There are lots of youtube videos showing detonations after a successful intercept. Not from the IDF but the civilians. But of course, I'm not precluding that the latter could have been planted as well :D

Anonymous said...

Joe, studying the kill rate is a demanding science.

It is not possible to tell from videos whether guidance, intercept, hit and kill were all successful. The controversy over Patriot was some Scud rockets disintegrated on their own, were insufficiently damaged by Patriot, or were not on a flight path towards any inhabited areas. 1-Scud hit rate should never be taken as equal to Patriot's kill rate, but so it was claimed.

Only solid telemetry data , which we are not able to verify.

Autumn Leaf said...

"Two RSN stealth frigates - Intrepid and Tenacious - have been modified to Blue Sapphire standard"?

Hi David, care to elaborate a bit more? What have RSN put onboard on the two for the Ops other than the Typhoon guns?


Anonymous said...

I think David's report had covered the various modifications made to Interpid and Tenacious.

Blue Sapphire is the operation code for anti-piracy in the Gulf of Aden I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I would appreciate your help identifying a NSF casualty in your records.

I would like to know if there was an NSF crushed by an A-vehicle before 1990.


David Boey said...

Dear Autumn Leaf and others,
Have added some pictures from the trip.

Aside to Anon 10:15 PM. Lemme check. What year?

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi David, thank you.

I was told of this incident in 1993 and I would like to know the veracity of this story. I wish I had known about your record of accidents and incidents and I would have come to you earlier.

The incident took place between 1970 and 1990 and may have took place at an overseas training location.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can no longer contact the source for details, because of the delay. He was one of my commanders during my stint.

David Boey said...

Dear Anon 9:24PM 9:27PM 22 Mar'13,

Full-time National Serviceman Corporal First Class (CFC) Chua Chee Tong, 22, died on Monday 23 October 1989 in Thailand after the vehicle he was in overturned during night training.

Two other servicemen sustained minor injuries in the accident which happened at 8:30pm.

We have reason to believe this was an A-vehicle.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

David, thank you very much. I am very sorry for being unclear. I should have said the NSF was (fatally) run over by a tracked vehicle. Was there an incident(s) with this narrative? Thank you again.