Friday, March 1, 2013

Flash: Malaysian Army to unveil 8x8

The Malaysian Army's new 8x8 infantry carrier vehicle is due to make its public debut this weekend at a parade to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Malaysian Army.

The event in Port Dickson - fondly known as PD or Army Town to Malaysians - will launch year-long activities to celebrate the banner year for Malaysia's land forces.

Stayed tuned for more. :-)

Gagah Setia.


Anonymous said...

There is one big reason that SAF is truly worried about if PR/New Citizen cannot serves NS.

If they serve, insubordination, assault on commanders and theft will go up 1,000%. Then the Singaporeans will be emboldened and not respect their commanders.

Imagine if a PR/New Citizen refuse to take his tekan session and stands up to his PC in front of the whole platoon. Other PR/New Citizens will witness it and things will spread. The OC will privately tell the PC to be gentler to the PR/New Citizen. What will happen next? Singaporeans are already SECOND CLASS citizens in their own country who have to serve NS. Now they will become SECOND CLASS SOLDIERS! A new breed of WHITE HORSE will be created!

SAF does not treat is men with decency, retaliation for tekan will be expected. That's why it is afraid to let former NSF WOSE serve as regular Officers unless they are urgently needed, eg as pilots and WSO. Discipline will break down if ex-NSF become equal or superior to those who bullied them. All the more of PR/New Citizens are let in. Will a PC, OC or CO risk a career-ending incident, or treat his PR/New Citizens better than the rest?

What if there is a shooting incident? Let us proclaim the word of the law, but do we dare to take the risk in the first place?

This is a real point. There is a big difference in the amount of civilization and patience in an Singaporean and a PR/New Citizen's head. Look at how even PR/New Citizen WOMEN handle public disputes. Do our old citizens get treated fairly when there is a dispute? Look at the assaults, even the SMRT strike. How about the bus hijacking by the PRC women, the lorry driver assaulting the cyclist? How was the curry incident handled? I could go on.

Look at the blog postings. Even the Singapore Police does not dare to touch them.

Sure some of you can say let's throw the full weight of the law on them, but will it be done in practice? Or will we kiss their unwashed asses?

Anonymous said...

to commentor@4.28am - you've posted your long rubbish comment a few times before. try to post something different, man.

Anonymous said...

It is the Turkish FNSS Pars, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

@4:28: Senseless ranting. Poor grammer. Not an ounce of rational logic. Small wonder that the world is degenerating.