Friday, April 8, 2011

Akan datang: SAF Maid saga reviewed

Dear All,
An essay on lessons learned from the SAF Maid saga is now being compiled. This piece will be out soon.

I am grateful to the individuals who provided advice and the people who shared their professional knowledge during the image forensics phase. This includes:
* people who advised which batches of NSFs have received the pixellated fullpacks,
* the plant expert who pointed out the grass cuttings in the original image, noted the interval between grass trimmings in the Bedok Rise area and compared plant growth in two images to help date the original images,
* the Review team whose role is to play devil's advocate,
* current and former media friends/contacts,
* those who helped with the ground recce and ACI.

Had the NSF not come forward, we would have rolled out active searches in the estate. I am confident we would have located his household successfully.

I have learned much from this episode. For sure, there are areas in which we can improve upon. We have a group of passionate netizens and a resource team whose subject matter expertise in land, sea and air domains is something I value highly and cherish. One regret - and this is something I have told some of you before - is that there will probably never be an occasion when the resource team will be able to/would want to meet at the same time.

We follow defence matters under unique circumstances and the need to protect names does not diminish my respect for all of you.

I thank you all.

Best Regards,
David Boey

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Boey,

Wonderful. I look forward to the essay.