Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maid for the Army: Soldier steps forward to admit actions

Remorseful soldier counselled: Mindef
The Straits Times Forum Page
5 April 2011

THE Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has completed its investigation into the recent case of a serviceman who was photographed with his domestic helper carrying his field pack ('Deafening silence in army backpack saga' by Mr Patrick Tan; last Saturday).

The serviceman concerned has identified himself to his commander.

He was a recruit undergoing the Physical Training Preparatory phase prior to the Basic Military Training phase.

The recruit is remorseful for his actions and realises that it was wrong for him to have allowed this.

He has been counselled and continues his training. The SAF has reminded all servicemen to be mindful of their conduct in public.

Colonel Desmond Tan
Director, Public Affairs
Ministry of Defence


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of sceptism over this, as the netizens on the usual TCSS places are of the opinion that this is a coverup meant to protect the reputations of certain people who may be entering higher office this year...

Hopefully this is not the case, and the REC in question is for real...

David Boey said...

45.5 years of independence. 44 years of National Service.

Thanks to new media, MINDEF/SAF is more connected to citizen soldiers than ever before and it still faces a credibility gap with Singaporeans. I wonder why?

|-|05| said...

Well David I think it's exactly the fact that we've been through the system that we KNOW that it lacks credibility and quite a bit of accountibiity sometimes

Wocelot said...

On face value, the word 'counselling' underwrites the cause for concern the general public has. A harsher word would have caused backlash, no doubt. However, I do recommend something less vague but chewy enough such "necessary action has been taken". At least I will know 'counselling' is definitely just counselling.