Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shooting incident in Thailand

My impression of the Public Affairs Directorate is well-known, so I need not elaborate.

Two, not one SAF personnel shot

05:55 AM May 26, 2010

by Derrick Paulo

SINGAPORE - Not one, but two Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel were injured in Thailand two months ago by a villager who was out hunting.

MediaCorp understands that a full-time National Serviceman was one of two who were accidentally hit by gun pellets during a proficiency test conducted by the Army Training Evaluation Centre. This is believed to be the first time SAF soldiers have been shot by a civilian.

The other victim was reported yesterday in the media to be First Sergeant Woo Teng Hai, 25, a regular from the 1st Commando Battalion. He was said to be still on medical leave.

MediaCorp understands that the second victim has completed his medical leave and should be returning to his duties soon.

The incident occurred in a designated training area within Kanchanaburi province, some 130km from Bangkok, during a routine training exercise on the night of March 13. Since then, the SAF has received full assistance from the Royal Thai Army for the investigations into the incident. Preliminary findings show that the shooting was an accident.

The two militaries are continuing to work closely to inform villagers about the training areas, which are also used by Thai armed forces.

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