Saturday, May 22, 2010

Navy Open House 2010

Notebook jottings

With one day to go before the Navy Open House draws to a close, you might wonder if it's worth your while heading there on Sunday.

Here's a recap of the things that made it to my notebook today:

MV Swift Rescue - This submarine rescue vessel makes its public debut. With an orange hull and white superstructure, Swift Rescue is easy to spot among the Republic of Singapore Navy's (RSN) haze grey fleet. The ship's civilian and RSN duty personnel have prepared an educational tour for visitors and you'll leave with a deeper appreciation of submarine rescue techniques and technology.
Tipsheet: Try counting the number of pintle-mounts on the vessel. Swift Rescue can be given "teeth" to defend herself if the need ever arises.

Missile Corvettes - Say goodbye to the MCVs as they will emerge in a new configuration at the next Navy Open House. The MCVs are being upgraded for littoral warfare and will see their armament, structure and sensor suite revamped.
Tipsheet: Photograph the stern, torpedo area and superstructure/mast. The MCVs will look different after their upgrade.

M134 Minigun - Seen publicly for the first time, two RSN Miniguns are waiting for you to caress and aim, in the white tent on Singapore's Naval Operations.
Tipsheet: Ask one of the Navy Open House Ambassadors to take a picture of you from the business end of the Minigun. It'll look awesome.

Duck Tours - The LARC-Vs pulled in a huge crowd of visitors who wanted to experience a free ride on these four-wheeled amphibious cargo vessels. The crowdline quickly surged past the sheltered area, so do be patient. I salute the "Duck Tours" crew who worked tirelessly and cheerfully under the rain and grubby weather to give every visitor an experience they will cherish.
Tipsheet: Spot the differences between LARC-Vs used by the RSN and Singapore Army.

Seahawk - A scale model of the RSN's Seahawk naval helicopter may look uninspiring, but take a closer look at what's suspended on the portside weapons hardpoint.
Tipsheet: Please read up on Penguin anti-ship missiles...

Naval Sea Display - Make time to watch the fight sequence.
Tipsheet: If Special Forces are your thing, stand to the left of the beige containers stacked three high. Heavily-armed divers from the Naval Diving Unit will enter the fight right in front of you.

Sunset Ceremony - If you want a unique place for your Sunday family dinner, the Navy Open House has ample food stalls which serve more than finger food. The stuff is cheap and though not restaurant quality, the selection of stalls would do a food court proud. I'm wondering if the drinks were subsidised.
Tipsheet: Last bus is at 16:30 hours. Have an early dinner and stay for the sunset ceremony. Worth watching if you've never seen it before.

Food: Now for something completely non-military. The $2.50 drumstick chicken rice was value-for-money and easily beats the mundane chicken rice sold in many food courts. The stall is in the food tent next to the parade square.
Tipsheet: Ask the bloke to remove the bone before serving it to you.
Two words: Ramli Burgers. Enough said.
At $1 per can drink, you can keep yourself hydrated without experiencing daylight robbery.

The Navy Open House will be open from 0830 to 1630 hrs Hotel time. Last day is tomorrow. Entry is via Singapore Expo Hall 1.
Tipsheet: Get your cameras ready before you line up for the bus. There are RSN vessels to see even in the queue line!


Anonymous said...

Penguins can ride on Vipers as well, which make sense...

The ice-cream was also at reasonable prices (much more sane prices than SA2010). Might be old stuff for you since you covered OFE, but the RSS Endeavour has FCU joyrides...


Anonymous said...

jottings A+++++++