Sunday, June 6, 2010

NDP 2010 Mobile Column Internal Rehearsal

Taking place today at Tuas. Many thanks to xtemujin who filmed them this morning.

Combat Service Support and Singapore Combat Engineers elements at the forming up point: Video 1

Home Team, Signals and SAF Medical Corps, SAF Ammunition Command: Video 2

It's funny that they bunched the Signals vehicles towards the rear of the column.

If the Third Generation Singapore Armed Forces wants to showcase that it directs precision fires and precision manoeuvre with timely and precise information, shouldn't the Signals contingent go right up behind the Armour?

More on this after I watch CR1.


Ed said...

I was serving in a Signal company in one of the Armour camps and unfortunately, Signal is often seen as a support contingent rather than full fledge embedded within the combat sequence. Of course, in actual war games the reality is otherwise. For obvious security reasons, we can't speak on specific details in blogs but it's common knowledge among signallers that once a rebrov despatch is captured by "enemy", everything starts to crumble.

FIVE-TWO said...

perhaps like the artillery, they don't need to be up in front to do their job? more likely perhaps, their gear has less sex appeal to the general public.

FIVE-TWO said...

Ed, lets face it, in a combat formation, everything else is support or HQ except the direct fighting force (such as the infantry, the tankees, etc). Even battalion organic artillery is in the Support Company, there you go.

Anonymous said...

it depend on the concept of this year mobile column, you will find out more during the media brief to know why it form up at this type of formation. watch out for the tank, it look really great!