Saturday, June 26, 2010

National Day Parade 2010: 2nd Combined Rehearsal

This afternoon, the Mobile Column held its second practice in Singapore's City Centre.

Here're some images of CR2. A commentary on NDP rehearsals will follow shortly.

Achtung Panzer! Singapore Army Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks in march order trundle down Nicoll Highway on their way to the Padang. Evident here are the improvements made to the armour protection of the Leopards, seen on the third tank onwards.

Made in Singapore: The Terrex infantry fighting vehicle, made by Singapore Technologies Kinetics, will make its debut at this year's National Day Parade. The Singapore Army packs a hefty punch with armoured fighting vehicles and combat service support vehicles tailor made to excel in the kind of terrain the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) expects to fight in, should deterrence fail.

Reach out and touch someone: A Singapore Army company marksman broods over his PGM 338 Mini Hecate .338 sniper rifle. Precision fire, matched with precision information and precision manoeuvre ensures SAF infantry battalions will make hostile units pay for every yard of aggression. 

View to a kill: A Singapore-made SAR-21 5.56mm carbine with all the bells and whistles attached is a lethal weapon in close-quarter urban shootouts. But the big stick comes from the communications gear carried by this infantryman kitted up with the Advanced Combatman System (ACMS), which displays information on his eyepiece. The battlefield computer carried in his fullpack links him with the SAF's battlefield management network, allowing him to call for fire and alert nearby units of the sources of hostile fire in realtime.


FIVE-TWO said...

A myopic sniper!!! There is nothing the SAF and Singapore cannot do. And I meant it as a sincere compliment.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best shots I knew in my time wore specs, that was in the days when myopia of -8.00 guaranteed you a PES C2 status...

Btw, isn't a Mini-Hecate a .338 Lapua rifle?

David Boey said...

re: PGM 338. Yes, you're right about the calibre. Thanks for pointing this out. :)