Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ops Flying Eagle Media Management

Received the following observation by private email in response to my previous post.

I'm sharing the comment with the permission of the sender.

The observations are note-worthy. The fact that the sender has three crabs is incidental.

"I don't think the MINDEF InformationOps during the 2004 Tsunami did that well, sorry to say. The SAF were in there long before the Aussies and the US but CNN only showed the western forces in its news reports. MINDEF could have stamped its mark on the news by engaging CNN and BBC, in addition to CNA and a much more aggressive MINDEF News website."

BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
CNA: Channel News Asia, Singapore-based regional TV channel
CNN: Channel News Network, a US-based satellite TV channel

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) tsunami relief mission was carried out under Operation Flying Eagle.

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