Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crisis communications 101

From time to time, some of you have asked why I moved from the 90 cents newspaper to a gaming resort.
Here's the statement we crafted for Exercise Northstar VII, held in July 2009.
The freesheet, my paper, carried a story on hotel security based on this statement, as did Today.  
It should give you a better idea of some of the pre-opening activities that keep me busy.
I think some of the terms and catch phrases MINDEF/SAF use to describe the Third Generation SAF have cascaded to the Malaysian company I work for. : )

"July 2009 - The terrorist attacks on hotels in Mumbai in November 2008 are a stark reminder that the leisure and hospitality sectors cannot take security for granted.

As one of the region’s most high-profiled resort destinations, Resorts World Sentosa will do our utmost as well as work closely with the government to ensure the security of our visitors, guests, staff and physical assets, which include our mega-attractions, casino, hotels and entertainment venues.

The Resort’s security masterplan is drafted using a ‘security and defence-in-depth’ concept to raise, train and sustain capabilities needed to protect and fortify the entire 49-hectare resort and to safeguard lives.

Close attention has been made to hardening key infrastructure at the Resort, including the use of blast-resistant glass at our hotels, providing multiple fail-safe access to essential services like power, and structural reinforcements such as hardened basement columns.

These protection measures at Resorts World Sentosa are complemented by round-the-clock security sweeps, resort-wide electronic surveillance as well as close cooperation with Singapore authorities. The Resort also employs impressive state-of-the-art technology for its security-manning systems to deter, detect, deny and thwart any criminal intent within its premises.

The Resort also works closely with Singapore authorities, particularly Home Team agencies and Ministry of Defence, to keep ourselves abreast of security threats and concerns.

In addition, ‘Red Teaming Exercises’ – which simulate security issues and emergencies a world-class resort may face – will be carried out to help test, review and strengthen our security arrangements.

The success of all these plans is also tied to a Resort-wide business continuity plan.

Above all, with a training programme that will have its security team members trained, vigilant and ready to assist our guests help make a visit to the family destination resort a safe and enjoyable one."

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