Friday, September 25, 2009

Blue on Blue: Part 1

I have no confidence in the leadership of Darius Lim, Director Public Affairs (DPA) at the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).

I write this having seen the working styles of previous DPAs at MINDEF, Colonel Kwan Yue Yeong, COL Ramachandran Menon, COL Lee Seng Kong, COL Chong Kim Chye, COL Goh Chee Kong, COL Bernard Toh and COL Benedict Lim.

That's all I need say, for now.


FinalFive said...
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FinalFive said...

Before I post anything that could be remotely regarded as defamatory, I think you would have to be very careful David, about whether it is really an issue of leadership on the part of Darius Lim or simply a narrowing and tightening of his job scope by an increasingly media-paranoid organisation.

I will say that in my opinion, there is a seeming divergence in views between PAFF and the SAF. The info that makes a dynamic but less believed and less read Army News/ Navy News/ Air Force News is scrunched up and de-testicled into a standard PAFF release.

But hasn't that always been the case - only increasing in degree as a result of the times facing a ministry rather than the personality?