Sunday, March 26, 2023

Pukul Habis ranked among top 10 fiction best sellers by The Sunday Times


In stock: Quite surreal seeing Pukul Habis on display at Books Kinokuniya's store in Ngee Ann City alongside titles by more experienced authors and big name publishers.

Pukul Habis was ranked among the top 10 fiction Best Sellers by The Sunday Times today (26 March 2023) 🙂 Not bad for a title that only recently appeared in Kinokuniya bookstores in Singapore.

Am grateful to the Books Kinokuniya Singapore team for their expert guidance, tireless support and boundless professionalism in helping Pukul Habis appear in their Ngee Ann City and Bugis Junction bookstores. Big thanks to readers in Singapore who have explored the unthinkable scenario outlined in Pukul Habis' storyline.

Books Kinokuniya Malaysia will have the title soon. Am really curious how Malaysian readers will take to this story of an unthinkable war.

Please note:
Books Kinokuniya in Singapore has stocked Pukul Habis (ISBN 9789811861499). Please visit its main store in Ngee Ann City or Bugis Junction, or check the Kinokuniya online store here. The title is also available from Kinokuniya Malaysia. Please enquire with the KLCC store. First few shipments sold out quickly - but you can leave you name with Kino Malaysia KLCC's waiting list. Thanks much!

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