Wednesday, July 29, 2020

National Day Parade 2020: Final Sea Review rehearsal off Marina South

The National Day Parade 2020 Sail Past held its fourth and final rehearsal this morning off Marina South amid bouts of heavy rain that came and went sporadically.

It was a pleasure seeing familiar silhouettes of Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) surface combatants appear in between numerous anchored merchant ships as they led the Sail Past columns westward towards the Eastern Anchorage. The columns - one of nine larger ships and a smaller "speedster column" of four small fast craft - then made two starboard turns to point their bows east.

Here's the 1300H to 1330H rehearsal as it unfolded. This was the only one I could catch during the lunch break.
The tank landing ship RSS Endeavour (210) and stealth frigate (FFS) Steadfast (70) at the second turn point.
Ensigns unfurled, the Singapore Navy LST Endeavour, FFS Steadfast, Missile Corvette Valour and Littoral Mission Vessel Fearless align themselves parallel to Marina South.

Endeavour looked dapper with her crew on deck. Looks abit naked with all those empty davits and no helo on deck. Here's what her sistership, Resolution, looks like crammed to the gills with FCEP landing craft.

Steadfast with crew on deck in their Number 1 ceremonial whites.
Valour's crew presented a smart turnout with a large number of them lining her rails. Probably the best looking dressed ship in the column. Compare and contrast the rather sparse headcount aboard Fearless (probably a result of high levels of automation).

Along the way, Fearless was joined by a little friend. Barely visible from shore. No photoshop. She blended so nicely with the waves. Can you spot her?


nerolink7 said...

why navy fearless ship hull fitted with long metal cylinder alongside .

Bob said...

Serious question:Does it matter that much if the SMC is low viz if it leaves an absolutely massive wake?

David Boey said...

Hi @Bob,
Funny you should mention the wake... that's how I spotted it. Could barely see the craft itself at that range and just aimed ahead of the white rooster tail.

AARONQFW said...
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Dulcis said...

Hull-strengthening strakes?