Monday, May 25, 2020

Circuit breaker Day 49 pix: Republic of Singapore Navy RSN Missile Corvette

Before the Internet made open source information so accessible, defence enthusiasts commonly amassed a collection of brochures from defence companies to keep updated with weapons technology. Space intensive? Yes. But worth the effort.

This brochure from German shipbuilder, L├╝rssen, was distributed in the early 1990s at the Defence Services Asia show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has nice line drawings of the Republic of Singapore Navy Missile Corvette, RSS Victory.

Can you spot something special on Victory's superstructure, just under the bridge? 

Hope the MCVs appear at the National Day 2020 sailpast fully fitted out. Those tubes are old anyway and quite widely known.

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Locust said...

The MRCV frigates, replacements for the Victory class, will be a true game changer in SEA. First boat in water in 2025.

The RSN will probably have to shoulder the burden of ensuring freedom of passage of critical sea lanes in concert with Indonesia, USN and occasional deployments from FPDA countries - the RMN is not in a good shape - its Maharaja class Gowins corvette programme has stalled with no news of traction weapons being bought.