Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Tomahawk is a wonderfully versatile weapon.

It comes in a number of variants, as its striking edge can be adapted for different roles.

Lightweight, durable and easy to handle, the Tomahawk is deadly at close range.

In the hands of a skilled operator, a Tomahawk can also project its killing potential beyond targets close at hand. Train well with the Tomahawk and one can disarm an opponent with precise, well-placed hits.

Fast, accurate strikes by a Tomahawk can swiftly and decisively defeat an opponent - even better armoured ones.

You may lose a Tomahawk in water. But on dry land, a Tomahawk is optimised for agile strikes that can hit the enemy from different threat vectors, by day or by night.

Combining a Tomahawk with other weapons in one's armoury accentuates its combat potential, with each weapon making up for the other's shortcomings.

Tomahawks have been known to be multi purpose. Peace pipe or weapon of war, depending on the situation.

The more one learns about the Tomahawk, the greater one's respect for this weapon.

I 💗 Tomahawk.

Do you?

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Benjamin said...

Trying to hint something?:)

Cyril said...

Tomahawk - a deterrent or offensive weapon?

sepecat said...

A puzzle to solve.

Sounds like a light armored vehicle with no amphibious capability
and available in different variants. Optimised for strike or
fire support there is probably no armored personnel variant.

One variant is probably gun armed for short ranged engagements.

Another variant is probably missile armed for long range engagements

This armored vehicle complements the existing heavier armored vehicles

Alternatively, it may be a handheld anti tank / bunker busting / anti personnel
weapon available with different warheads for various target sets.

Close ?

Any more clues ?

Gary said...

I presume we have it in our arsenal?

Crimson Crusader said...

I believe that David was talking about adopting the actual North American Indian hatchet-like Tomahawk as a military weapon.

I personally like this weapon as they are not only good as a melee weapon, but also for throwing.

Unknown said...

The long awaited direct SM1 replacement?

suncap said...

My guess:

A networked unmanned mini-platform that can be weaponised with several variants of small arms to perform different roles.

Will be light enough for conventional transportation to where its needed yet highly mobile when running on its own power (has no armor but with tracks to for negotiating terrain, even urban ones)

Will be easy for operators as it can be programmed for different modes of self-driving if necessary. This could leave the operator to focus on using various day-night sensors for target acquisition, appraising HHQ of the situation, possibly using existing red-force tracking system and target engagement.

They must have considered this type of autonomous weaponised platforms for naval sub-surface missions but probably at conception stage since there is significant risk of it being MIA or captured.

This land platform will networked and can probably even operate in small teams, each with different payloads.

Even in peace time, they can be configured for sentry duty & island defence Thus off-loading the manpower requirements.