Saturday, November 5, 2016

Republic of Singapore Air Force RSAF Exercise Torrent preview: Fastest single seaters to hit the road RSAF F-16C

The fastest single-seat warplanes to hit the road are these Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-16C Fighting Falcons.

Plane spotters would note the different squadron markings and fin flash on these two F-16Cs.

Exercise Torrent VI in November 2008 saw RSAF 140 Squadron - Singapore's oldest fighter squadron - and 143 Sqn each contributed an F-16C for the Alternate Runway exercise.

The shape of air warfare has changed substantially in recent years, with twin-seat fighters armed with beyond-visual range munitions making their presence felt in air forces around the region.

With a back seater operating the sensors required for demanding A2A and A2G missions by day or night, fought in contested air space, it's perhaps little surprise that twin-seat F-16s outnumber F-16Cs in the RSAF's inventory.

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