Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bangkok visit

Am rounding up a week's stay in Bangkok, Thailand. 

It was good catching up with an old friend from the MINDEF network in the heart of Bangkok. Thank you for the guidance and patience.

Was glad to make the acquaintance of a French national, an old Indochina hand, to hear firsthand how Cambodia's population was systematically liquidated by the Khmer Rouge from Year Zero. Lessons from Cambodia's killing fields are especially relevant in today's security context as we face violent extremists who are set on reshaping society by killing all those who do not conform to their life's views. Thank you for sharing how a nation collapsed. Your war stories are valuable as you were there. And yes, will make that trip to Siem Reap some day. 

Events back home weighed heavily on our hearts this week. :-( 

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