Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tidbits on the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) cont'd

A Singapore Artillery gunner inspects results of the special long-range anti-tank munition live-fire trial. The hole in the tank turret (red arrow) marks the entry hole from the shaped charge round fired from long distance (i.e. double digit km). The tank target is a derelict Centurion tank.


IAF said...

Tantalizing.. if possible, kindly pull back to reveal more of that derelict tank:)

Unknown said...

Link on the nimrod missile and the "AMX 13" launcher described as using it. Funnily enough no one has spotted the AMX 13 in service with the Columbian Army and the Columbians launch it of the four wheel truck.

We seem to have adopted the Israeli concept of Sayeret or Special Forces albeit highly classified. What differentiates Israeli Sayaeret concept its insistence on small Syaret forces within each combat arm, engineers, artillery etc etc etc armour etc etc.

I would bet my last dollar for us having the SPIKE NLOS as well.

koxinga said...

EFP peneration. BONUS type munition fired from a 155m?