Friday, January 1, 2016

Defence and security highlights in Singapore in 2016

Happy New Year!

After the landmark year of SG50, how can we top that?

As 2016 unfolds, defence-related activities will still feature prominently and carry on the momentum from activities staged to mark Singapore's 50th year of  independence (SG50) in 2015. These include the flypast and Mobile Column during the National Day Parade 2015 and public performances by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Black Knights display team.

This year's highlights include:

16 to 21 Feb 2016: Singapore Airshow. Held on the fringe of Changi Airport every even year,this year's show will once again stoke speculation whether or not MINDEF/SAF will buy the F-35 Lightning II warplane and if so, which variant and how many. Speculation over the Fokker 50 Mk.2S Enforcer replacement and a successor for the RSAF's ageing medium-lift helicopter fleet will add to the gossip mill.

24 March 2016: Budget Day. Look out for the Defence Budget which is listed under Head J of the Committee of Supply. It would indeed be a surprise if the Head J allocation dips.

3 to 5 June 2016: Shangri-La Dialogue. South China Sea issues, Freedom of Navigation, international terrorism will continue to dominate as talking points at the Asian Security Summit - the formal name for the annual defence and security talks hosted by Singapore.

1 July 2016: SAF Day

November 2016: Singapore's defence science and engineering community will mark their 50th anniversary. The boffins have delivered many innovative solutions specially tailored to meet the specific operational requirements of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

SAF war machines set to debut in 2016

In 2016, the Bionix 1 infantry fighting vehicles will be almost 20 years old. Senang Diri expects that the long-awaited AMX-13 SM1 light tank replacement will finally make its public debut in 2016. Expect heavy use of defence electronics to give the fighting vehicle's small crew superior awareness compared to previous platforms. The platform is said to have successfully completed exhaustive mobility trials overseas some time ago.

The hoisting of the RSAF TCOM aerostat, which was reportedly due in 2015 but never happened due to safety issues, is likely to make the news in 2016.

On the naval front, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) is expected to take delivery of the Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV) this year. The second and third LMVs could also be launched this year at the Singapore Technologies Marine yard in Benoi Basin, followed by a fitting-out period before sea trials.


Unknown - Super Perkasa Melayu said...

SG is the best example how to build a modern arm force in the region ... However, your behavior has bad impact to your image such as too greedy, looking down your jiran, especially Malaysia and Indonesia and more focus on commercial issue (money oriented) than others .... Please not that Money can't buy everything ...

A a redo dot island, your future is still in this region if still dislike ... you can move to Antartic or other planet to satisfy your "wet dream" ..

TheSmallAuthor said...

If one day, Singapore no longer took the rational approach that our neighbors despise, making the region a friendly environment for business to take place.

on the bigger and longer term, this region definitely will become the another region like the Middle East or Africa where corruption are deep rooted and the superpowers will do whatever they like and the people of Southeast Asia had to suffer what they must.

Be it siding with the Westerners or Chinese. Hands will be tied and twist, government manipulated to battle against one another.

Donald said...

Wow. So friendly! Want to banish us to Antarctica. Hmm... Need to push us into the sea first - gosh, where did I hear that before? So familiar..

Unknown said...


S.L said...

From what I've encountered, most Singaporeans don't even bother comparing with Malaysia or Indonesia anymore - that's a whole generation ago, left to history and ss lessons. Attention paid to Singapore's neighbours come only with the periodic ugly incidences of haze and territorial chest thumping, which they relish with the usual 'you still need us/ need to pay attention to us' rhetoric as seen above.

S.L said...
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Unknown said...

AMX-13 SM1 light tank replacement my guess is cv90 or a variant of it

Unknown said...

What will happen to your red dot country if Indonesia take over your FIR to control their area at Riau Province and South China Sea in 2019?

I think .. to satisfy your wet dream to control air trafic and sovereignity in Malaysia and Indonesia ... I can suggest you to remove yor FIR at Changi to Antartica because they need you there ...

FlankerX said...

What vehicle is the new LT based upon?

Benjamin said...

The defence budget has been delivered but not much news only news was the new truck with armour to support logistic operations and sotf getting new gear.I wonder how long will it take for the aster 30,A330mrtt and type218sg to be ready as well as this light tank i look forward to the tank.Any idea when we will see them Mr Boey?