Friday, October 23, 2015

Pictures of new Singapore Armed Forces URO VAMTAC 4x4s

A new four-wheel drive vehicle is set to be unveiled by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) soon.

Images of Spanish-made URO VAMTAC ST5 4x4s bearing MID numberplates taken in the Jurong area were contributed by a Senang Diri reader today.

VAMTAC is the acronym for Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico, which is Spanish for "High Mobility Tactical Vehicle". The VAMTAC ST5 is sometimes referred to as the Spanish Humvee.

The MID-plate ST5s look set to fill the role of Ford Everest OUVs and Mercedes-Benz MB290GD "Minimogs" as these light vehicles are phased out of SAF service.

The ST5s are expected to be configured for various roles with armed and unarmed variants serving principally with the Singapore Army.

In our immediate neighbourhood, VAMTACs are also fielded by the Malaysian Army.

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