Friday, June 26, 2015

Look out for new vehicles at the National Day Parade NDP 2015 Mobile Column Combined Rehearsal CR2

A number of new vehicles were seen during last Saturday's first Combined Rehearsal (CR1) for the National Day Parade 2015.

These rehearsals will continue every Saturday from now till National Day on 9 August 2015. Here's a full list of the NDP rehearsal and preview dates for your calendar: 
20 June 2015, Saturday, Combined Rehearsal 1
• 27 June 2015, Saturday, Combined Rehearsal 2
• 4 July 2015, Saturday, Combined Rehearsal 3
• 11 July 2015, Saturday,National Education (NE) Show 1
• 18 July 2015, Saturday, NE2 Show
• 25 July 2015, Saturday, NE3 Show
• 1 August 2015, Saturday, NDP Preview
• 9 August 2015, Sunday, National Day Parade 2015
Catch the NDP debutants as they make their way from Kallang to the Padang along Nicoll Highway.

This is new....
In Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) service, the Renault Higuard 6x6 is known as the Protected Response Vehicle (PRV) - a new SAF acronym. At CR1, the trio of PRVs were armed with different remote weapon stations to show the range of weapon options for such vehicles. One PRV was armed with a 7.62mm GPMG, with the other two fitted with a CIS 50MG 12.7mm heavy machine gun and a CIS 40 AGL 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The PRVs were acquired to replace long-serving V-200 armoured cars.

This is new too....
This is the longest vehicle in the 160-strong Mobile Column. It's also the one with the most number of wheels and has a Republic of Singapore Navy fast craft that is a guaranteed head-turner. The trailer is believed to be a KAMAG K25H platform trailer. Look out for more details on this fast craft in a subsequent post.

Another newbie....
The Achleitner HMV Survivor I Armoured Personnel Carrier is one of several wheeled armoured transports used by the Singapore Police Force. Made in Austria, the Survivor I comes with a snow plough-like attachment which is used to push aside obstacles such as street barricades.

Other Mobile Column first timers:
Leopard 2 Kodiak Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV)
Ford F550 ambulance
Digitised Trunk Communication System (D-TCS)

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